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Accounting & Finance

Basic Book Keeping - Healthy book keeping is the base to any business. All the processes and procedures of a company are based on book keeping. We understand that not only is this the most important aspect of your company’s regular functioning but is also considered to be the most stressful aspect by most companies especially startups. However, this is our passion and we ensure that everything is synced to relevant accounting standards legally.


Business Valuation & Restructuring - Organizations need precision about the fair value of its assets or business for a variety of reasons. Whatever the purpose, HLB HAMT believes that valuations are fundamentally the process for updating the decisions you make with what is likely your most important financial asset.


Account Reconciliation - Our innovative tools and unmatched experience with accounts reconciliation –giving us the power to uncover any hidden cash even in case the Advanced Processing Systems have missed.

Cash flow, Forecasting and Budgeting - We help you set standard processes. But what about the money? When does it come in and where does is go? Often the inflow and outflow do not match due to various factors and investing them at apt opportunities (i.e. in business or outside) is the question of the hour. We work very closely with you so as to create an optimum cash flow across the organisation structure and minimize your receivable -payable mismatch. Your growth is our only priority.





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